our philosophy

Denison Travel is well aware of the social and economic impact traveling can have.

We love giving back to the communities we travel to and are happy to extend the same opportunity to our clients who choose to give back through sustainable and social impact travel.

What is
social impact travel

make a difference
Social impact travel ensures the money from tourism stays in the community where it is spent. According to the World Travel Organization, tourism is the first or second source of earnings in almost half of the least developed countries in the world, yet only $5 out of every $100 tourism dollars stays in the destination traveled to. Informing travelers about making decisions such as eating locally and allocating their travel money to organizations that support this aim can make a huge difference.

We can provide travel opportunities with socially-conscious partners and projects across the globe. You can incorporate as much or as little service into your trip as you like. Perhaps you’d like to teach English to school children for a day or two in Costa Rica, or work in a volunteer-run clinic in Myanmar. If that’s not of interest by simply choosing to support our partner companies, committed to the communities in which they operate, you will be giving back.

Companies of
particular interest

- Abercrombie & Kent
- Belmond
- Four Seasons
- Linblad Expeditions
- National Geographic