Welcome to the Travelogue

June, 20 2020

Hey there and welcome!

However you ended up here, I already know that we are going to be great friends because you’re curious and you love to travel! And if this is not the case, well then hopefully we can change that.

I’m Kim, the founder of Denison Travel. I’m one of those determined and lucky folks who have been able to turn their passion into their living. I’m curious to a fault, I love exploring new places and learning about cultures and the ways of life in other places, and I have a touch of a bohemian spirit that finds it hard to stay in one place for too long. My soul is fullest when I’m traveling or when I’m serving others – and this job lets me do both! It’s truly my dream job. I’ve got an exceedingly patient husband, one son who was born with my wanderlust, one who was not, two dogs, and a cat. Life is good!

Yachting on the Rio Negro, Brazil

What is a travelogue anyway?

In this case, it’s the fancy word I’ve decided to name my blog (for whatever reason, a “blog” felt like too much pressure). Merriam-Webster describes a travelogue as a piece of writing about travel; a talk or lecture on travel accompanied by a film or slides; or a narrated motion picture about travel. My hope is this will be a forum that will tick all three boxes, and entertain, inform and inspire you all at once.

Be sure to follow Denison Travel on Instagram and Facebook so you’ll know when there’s a new travelogue post up. You’ll also be able to follow along as I explore the world, sourcing the best hotels, resorts, guides, and experiences for my clients. I can’t wait to share the best of this great big world with you!


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